20 March 2010

Morning Vent, 20 March 2010

Nice guns... uh, gun.

    Matt64, Reibochief and I managed to get together for a long-delayed Modern Warfare 2 frag-a-thon yesterday A good time was had by all. (And that's supposedly what's most important.) Matt64 had a nice game on Highrise, prowling the edge of the rooftop and going 12-2. I didn't do so well, since I apparently had bullet-magnets in my hip pocket, but the less said about that the better! Matt did point out a primo spot to help cover the spawn area, so I'll be camping there - campfire going, s'mores toasting - from now on.
    I had a really, really good time, but that might have been because our expectations were super-low. Last week, we managed to play only briefly before the power went out, and I hadn't gamed at all since then. I'm continuing to rotate the weapons to help get more achievements and attachment unlocks. That also helps keep me interested in the game. I did OK last night, but nothing to write home about. My favorite moment was on the aforesaid Highrise map. On a match before Matt schooled me on where to hang, I got the clutch kill in Final Stand, spraying and praying with the RPD through the right flank Ranger window.  

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