26 March 2010

Morning Vent, 26 March 2010

Skinny girl pwned by .50 cal AE Desert Eagle

[Update at 1145 hrs: Well, the interview turned out to be a group thing. It was a very, very mixed group of four. There was a young girl barely out of her teens with an Aesthetics degree, a mid-30s business guy who had just gotten laid off; a mid-40s accountant gal who had just gotten laid off, and a mid-50s guy who been forced to retire due to a layoff. It was a very positive pitch given by a very charming lady from AFLAC. There's only one position being filled, so I'm guessing it will go to the business guy. Though he doesn't have any more sales/commission experience than the rest of us, he came off as a guy who would and could sell insurance. Surprisingly, with my suit and tie, I was the best dressed one there. Even the insurance gal was dressed casually... If they offer the position to me, I might actually take it. The money potential is huge, if you're willing to accept a lot of rejection and can be thick-skinned enough to slough off abuse. But like I said, I think Business Guy will take it. Turns out he lived in the same neighborhood in Jersey as the Insurance Gal. :D]

    I'm off to my job "interview." Got my suit and tie all lined up, Google map directions printed out, Jeep all fueled up, post interview cigars in the case, so I'm ready. Tonight, I think we're scheduled for some MW2 with Matt64 and Reibochief, so I'll try to keep my spirits up for that.

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