07 March 2010

Morning Vent, 7 March 2010

 From WABC's website, 7 March 2010
It wasn't lost... You dicks pulled the plug.

    If you're a Cablevision customer in the tri-State area, you've doubtless seen the commercials from WABC and Cablevision slagging each other off about the current fee dispute. WABC wants more money to allow Cablevision to narrowcast the station over its cable system, and Cablevision says WABC is already getting more than enough. I'm inclined go all Mercutio on their asses and scream, "A plague on both your houses!" But last night, at 12:07 AM, WABC pulled the plug, and a station which I've watched since I was 6 years old went black. I'm not a fan of Cablevision. I think they're pretty much pirates who'll suck the last drop of blood out of you, one set-top box at a time. And they've always been at the top of my list of corporate douchebags. But, WABC, network of some of my earliest childhood TV, home of the legendary Roger Grimsby and Bill Beutel, pulling the plug on the station was a pure dick move. Seriously.
   What both you corporate douchebags need to do now is to put WABC back on Cablevision while you decide how to divvy up the blood you're going to suck from the Cablevision subscribers. Don't make the GunGirl come and find you. :)


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