08 March 2010

Morning Vent, 8 March 2010 (BC2 campaign review in process)

Gungirl loves Bad Company 2,
celebrates International Women's Day 
with her 5.56mm

    I didn't get online yesterday, but Reibo did. He was mopping up the floor with the Timmies on Modern Warfare 2 free-for-all. I started the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 campaign, playing until I got stuck in Snowblind. Without dropping any spoilers, I can make the following observations about the game so far:
    The gameplay is a bit more linear than Battlefield: Bad Company, tho it's not all that noticeable. The storyline so far is pretty nifty, actually making more sense than MW2's ever did. The graphics have been amped up admirably. I'm currently playing on an Xbox 360 setup with only 1080i max resolution, so I'll probably try it on my 1080p setup, too, for the sake of comparison. Overall, the graphics are just a notch below Modern Warfare 2's on the Xbox 360, mostly due to the latter's superior scaling at distance.
    Without giving it away too much, there's a prologue section which, while a lot of fun to play, points out one of the major weaknesses of the Bad Company series: Repetitiveness in the graphics. The four protagonists of the prologue look almost exactly alike. I mean their faces are virtual carbon copies of each other. The enemies in the main campaign are rolled that way, too. I'll grease the red-beret Spetsnaz commander, and his twin brother will come out of an alley to blaze away at me. I still greatly enjoyed the shooting and blowing up stuff, but the extreme similarity of the faces struck me as lazy, graphically speaking.
    Again, it's early days yet, it does seem that buildings from Battlefield: Bad Company have been simply dropped, albeit with a new coat of graphical paint, into the Bad Company 2 levels. The deliciously destructible buildings have the same cramped cookie-cutter feeling to them. It doesn't take all that much away from my enjoyment of the game.
    It might be because I'm using a memory unit for gamesaves, but there are numerous fade to blacks in between cut scenes. And there are a lot of them. It seems the Bad Company 2 protagonists have three or four lines of exposition and it requires a brief fade to black before that few seconds of talking. I'm not saying it's a game-breaker, but it definitely takes me out of the moment. (To be continued...)

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