15 April 2010

Call of Duty and Gaming Links, 15 April 2010

    Today's featured MW2 vid is a dual commentary with Woody and xgoldenx7, discussing TDM and the importance of not going negative. Next up are two games from B3NDROiii: a flawless FFA on Quarry, with another fine example of how to control an area on a FFA match & a match that illustrates why it's usually unwise to go for the revenge kill. On to the links:

Sgt Griggs exits the Infinity Ward AO

Mark Grigsby, lead animator
& prototype for badass
Sgt Griggs

Featured MW2 YouTube Video

Dual Commentary with xGoldenx7 viewable on the  WoodysGamertag YouTube Channel

Flawless FFA, Quarry, B3NDROiii, Silenced TAR-21

Why you don't revenge kill by B3NDROiii

    More Gaming Links:
Penny Arcade, 11 April 2003
    Non-Gaming Links:

Corgi Chloe reviews the iPad

Woof! Woof! Arf! Woof!
YouTube Beatles Tribute: The Taxman


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