02 April 2010

Call of Duty and Gaming Links, 2 April 2010

    The game media sites appear bent on blaming the DLC release glitch on Infinity Ward, as this Kombo.com article shows. Although IW can arguably be blamed for a lot of things, the glitched "Stimulus Package" DLC release isn't one of them. Microsoft already accepted the blame for not releasing the required MW2 title update first, before putting the DLC on the Xbox Live marketplace. Don't get me wrong: I think IW has done a number of things wrong, including shafting the PC mappers and modders, but they're in the clear for the DLC release rap. A couple of really nice MW2 vids today. First up is an M16A4 FFA on Skid Row. A lot of nice gameplay with a textbook example on how to control a critical area on the map in FFA. The second vid is a Domination map on Salvage with a tactical nuke finish. It's awesome to watch the enemy team bailing to avoid the nuke. Sandy Ravage has posted his first video from his PSNet exploits, a FFA on Quarry. Bonus: He busts up a booster party during the match. On to the links:

Featured MW2 YouTube Video

Gameplay/Commentary :: OpTic H3CZ FAA with M16A4

Domination on Salvage, Nuke by
MW2 Commentators

Sandy Ravage PS3 FFA on Quarry
(with a coupla boosters)

Growing old is inevitable; getting old isn't.

Defendthehouse: Myth 14 of 21

Booster Kill Interlude

    More Gaming Links:

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Top 5 Kills

Lucktage by MachinimaRespawn
 Artist's conception of
incarcerated douchebag

with the luscious Jessica Chobot

Does Jessica Chobot like to get
comfy when gaming?
Yes, she certainly does.

    Non-Gaming Links:

76mm OTO-Melara auto cannon

Somewhere downrange, Godzilla is being
turned into reptilian Swiss cheese...


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