05 April 2010

Call of Duty and Gaming Links, 5 April 2010

    With no DLC sales figures available yet, gaming sites are filling the CoD news vacuum with speculation about the Stimulus Package. Some are drawing some shaky conclusions based on self-selected samples like forum and website posters, as noted by GamingTips below. Some, like GameRant, are drawing the inference that the $15 US price tag of the Stimulus Package DLC is due to the 1 million euro pre-release advertising blitz. The current rate of exchange is 1 euro = 1.35 US dollars. Does a $1.35 million dollar ad campaign for a product costing $15 sound like a lot? What's the advertising budget for a movie with a ticket price of $8-10? The real reason for the DLC price is that, like the MW2 PC version's $60 price tag, Activision is setting a new price point. Infinity Ward's creative strategist, Robert "Fourzerotwo" Bowling, has already said in an interview that Activision sets the price for DLC, not IW.
    Today's featured vid is a Modern Warfare 2 Domination game on Crash by Dubblejord. Also included are two brief anti-booster clips from Pyropuncher. The two douchers were boosting in team games, not Free-for-all. It's totally awesome that he ruins their party and makes the cheating douchebags leave the game. Sandy Ravage opens a can of whoop-ass on a MW2 match on Favela using the SPAS-12 shotgun. He's really tearing up the PS3 players. 
    I've added a sub-page to the blog, my Call of Duty Wishlist, where I bullet point what I'd like to see in the next CoD game. There's no comment functionality on the page, so if I've missed something, comment here or tweet me. On to the links:

Featured MW2 YouTube Video

Domination, Crash, RPD by Dubblejord

Sandy Ravage PS3 FFA, Favela, SPAS-12

Defendthehouse: Myth 17 of 21

Pyropuncher Booster Hunt Interlude 1

Pyropuncher Booster Hunt Interlude 2

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    Apache with Carl Gustaf ejector seats
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