06 April 2010

Call of Duty and Gaming Links, 6 April 2010

    Today's featured MW2 vid is another FAMAS pwning by I8IHawk. Also included is a previously overlooked booster hunting montage from Ronin6337, who ruins boosting parties with the ultra-cool Secret Agent Man theme playing. Finally, we have an buffet of Akimbo Madness from ThatGuyWhoCamps, using akimbo P90s and akimbo M93 Rafficas on Karachi Ground War. He opens his video with a clip of Chuck Norris firing Mac-10s at terrorists in a shopping mall. He closes the vid with a brief booster hunt montage, along with some harsh, NSFW talk about how Infinity Ward is going to do exactly nothing about boosters. He notes that in Hutch's YouTube interview with 402, the latter said that taking out Tactical Insertion, the chief equipment used by both cheating boosters and douchebag glitchers, was "not an option". On to the links:
Featured MW2 YouTube Video

TDM, FAMAS, on Crash by I8IHawk

So you think you can boost by Ronin6337...

Akimbo Madness with ThatGuyWhoCamps

    More Gaming Links:

Call of Duty: Pokemon Warfare

    Non-Gaming Links:
    And if you thought that was just an excuse to add another gratuitous pic of Milla Jovovich, you're right. Here she be:


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