07 April 2010

Call of Duty and Gaming Links, 7 April 2010

    The first link up today is the 2Old2Play.com interview with Sandy Ravage. It's 20 questions with Modern Warfare 2's most famous (or infamous) booster hunter. Today's featured vid is a Free-for-all on Scrapyard by SixWinter on the brand-new UnderratedGamers YouTube channel, which showcases videos from other YouTube posters to try to popularize them. (The tutorial on how to get a video submitted for their consideration is here.)
    After the MW2 jump, today's featured Battlefield: Bad Company 2 clip is short but cool. Ronin6337  demonstrates an innovative use of anti-tank mines.
    On to the links:

Featured MW2 YouTube Video

FAA, Scrapyard w Silenced Vector

Defendthehouse: Myth 18 of 21

Failtage by danharr95

Modern Warfare 2 commercial too
risque for television?

Really? Really?!?

        More Gaming Links:

    Featured Bad Company 2 video:

    Creative use of anti-tank mines

    Straight from Mom's Basement
    John McAllister, Asteroids Champ

    PixelEnemy Breach preview & demo

    IGN Daily Fix for 6 April 2010
    with the luscious Jessica Chobot

    Is Jessica Chobot a hardcore gamer?
    Yes, she certainly is!

        Non-Gaming Links:

    Milla one-hands a riotgun...
    (That sounded a lot dirtier than
    even I expected!)


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