19 April 2010

Morning Vent, 19 April 2010

 I'm probably reusing this one...
But that's an awesome rack scope!

    I was pleased to get a call from an old friend, Bobby V., last night. He left for the greener pastures of Points South over a decade ago. I'd been dodging calls on my cell from an unknown phone number for over a month; it turned out to be Bob. It was a blast talking to him again. If the stars align, he might come by and visit while he's attending to business up here in the North East.
    In the links below is another riposte to Roger Ebert on this whole "videogames can never be art" thing. At Kotaku, there's An Open Letter to Roger Ebert, which basically echoes a point Reibo and I made when discussing this: Roger Ebert co-wrote the script for Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, a schlock POS released in 1970, which should make him the last person on Earth to bitch about games not being art. [Update: Reibo and I think Beyond the Valley of the Dolls is crap, but the article seems to think it's art; the upshot of it is, how does Roger Ebert pass judgment on games when his opinion isn't based on playing games.]
    With the PVR ordered and Riebo slaving away on whipping the new PC into shape, I've been pondering storage options. Yesterday, Reibo found a DVD-RAM labeled "Matt Halo" which intrigues me; I can only imagine what treasures are on that disc that can't be read at the moment. I'll have to dig around & see where my Multi-drive is so I can check out the contents of that. We used to record, via S-video connection, all our Halo 2 games. The Team Rockets games were the absolute best, loaded with hilarity. Even then, team-killing and suiciding douchebags were the bane of the Halo universe. Nothing much has changed but for a few more pixels per square centimeter.
    I guess deciding what to get in terms of optical storage can wait till the PVR arrives, we learn how to use it, and see if it's practical to use it for game recording. After all, Reibo's gameplay is usually the only good gameplay, so recording his FFAs is a given. Will we record the much less spectacular (on our part) TDMs? We'll see.


iamsquatch said...

Definitely record some matches! I'm also a .TDM enthusiast (and an incredibly mediocre one at that) and I can almost never find video of an hardcore matches. It would be nice to see some hardcore gameplay and witness the strategies used by other players, even if its just average gameplay

Joker961 said...

That's a really good point. There's almost no HC TDM footage on youTube. Thanks much...

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