20 April 2010

Morning Vent, 20 April 2010

As a great man once said: "I'll be in my bunk."
    In the comments page for today's featured vid, a booster hunt montage by ThePCDriver, a YouTube user posted this comment:
    "My son can get 25-0 without cheating; why is it important to you?"
    I dunno if it's that important in the overall big picture of life. But, you know, it sure makes me happy to see cheating douchebag boosters have their little games ruined. How fair is it to the rest of the players who are gaming fairly to have two weasels off in a dark corner of the map tactically inserting each other? Infinity Ward has indicated that it's not going to do anything to fix this situation, so, what to do? Well, one thing, certainly, will likely be that people who like to play fairly will move on to another game where boosting is less prevalent, like Bad Company 2 or one of the other upcoming shooters. (Right now, I'm keeping an eye on Medal of Honor and, of course, Call of Duty: Black Ops.) Another option, which results in enjoyment for all but the cheating @holes is to hunt them down in-game and follow them to the next game and the next game and the next game, recording the results and posting them on YouTube.
    My games of the future: Well, Blacklight: Tango Down might get my $15 when it comes out. (The latest trailer is embedded in the links below.) As noted below, that downloadable military-SF FPS will feature 4 player co-op. Now, I love co-op! So, unless the game is an out and out disaster, I'll probably get it so I can play with Matt64 and Reibochief. That's also why Halo: Reach will be a given; even if the multiplayer isn't to my liking, there's always co-op.

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