15 June 2010

Morning Vent, 15 June 2010

Gabrielle Anwar phones it in for Burn Notice

    Well, I managed to get my Army ballcap back from the doctor's office, so that was yesterday's only triumph. I got the call back from the optometrist that my safety glasses are ready for me to pick up. I had picked out two prospective frames to try on, and, as luck would have it, the ones which were most comfortable were in rather striking shade of orange. The ones which looked more, well, masculine were distinctly uncomfortable. They were so uncomfortable, in fact, that no macho posturing could redeem having them drilling into my temples for twelve hours at a pop. I selected the orange pair and never looked back. Don't ask, don't tell. That's the new HQ motto.
    From my vantage point on the recovery couch, I watched some of the E3 coverage streamed live. The Call of Duty: Black Ops live gameplay demonstration was impressive. It was a very Bad Company-like helicopter level. I would have preferred ground combat, as an old time ground pounder in real life. It was still impressive tho. Lotta fireworks as the demonstrator controlled the flight of an attack helicopter in Apocalypse Now-style attack runs. I'm hoping to be well enough to participate in the beta, which starts 21 June 2010.

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