30 June 2010

Morning Vent, 30 June 2010

 Lara Croft, she's not - but she'll do!

    Feeling a little better this AM. I got up and around for about an hour, and, for a brief bit, it seemed like my leg wouldn't swell. Unfortunately, it started swelling a short while later. I was close to fooling myself that the symptom had gone away, but I wouldn't be so lucky. In any case, I have my appointment with the vascular specialist tomorrow afternoon, so I hope to know more after he does the sonogram. Fingers crossed...
    From Major Nelson's blog, it looks like Blacklight: Tango Down will be available on Xbox Live Arcade. Unless the reviews are catastrophic, I intend to buy it. At E3 2010, Hutch and other notable YouTube directors got a hands on with Blacklight: Tango Down, and all were impressed with the value. You get a full FPS game with multiplayer and co-op for $15 US. A full game for what - ahem - other publishers charge for DLC. For me, the only question is whether I'll be fit enough to buy it... I'm praying so. Moving on...

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