22 August 2010

Morning Vent, 22 August 2010

 A GungirlTM far, far away...

    Doing the blog live this AM, as I never got a chance to work on it last night. After getting up from my nap, I went to see Mom at the nursing home. She seemed to be slightly improved. It looks like her arm and upper body strength is better. She still can't stand on her own. She can't keep her knees from buckling, unfortunately. We're hoping that the therapy improves her enough to go home in a few weeks. She doesn't have to be fully mobile, just enough so that she can be cared for at home. We're continuing to hope and pray for her continued recovery.

    Today's featured vid is 7 Questions to Mutiny presented by Fc2300 as part of a continuing series of CoD-related interviews on LegitGamingUnion. The second vid is a merciless Timmy-taunting on CoD4 Search and Destroy on Crash. I'm not condoning that kind of behavior, but the piercing bat-screech of this kid's voice would have driven any adult player insane. Moving on...

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