25 August 2010

Morning Vent, 25 August 2010 (Travel Edition)

Cinematic GungirlTM Jill Valentine shows the
boys in the precinct how to headshot a zombie.

    One of my cohorts on 2Old2Play commented on my mention of the Amazon Kindle, so I thought I'd reproduce my reply here, too: There are multiple models of the Kindle, and there appear to be waiting periods for all of them because of high demand. I think the bells and whistles mostly involve the Whispernet wi-fi functionality that lets you download books you've ordered wherever Amazon has that coverage. There's also one with a larger screen that costs about $150 more than the base 2nd Generation model (which I think can be backordered on Amazon for around $135 plus shipping). The Kindle I own is 2nd generation with a 6" screen; with variable text font size, it's big enough for my reading needs. (Unfortunately, the menu with the list of books has a fixed size, a distinct disadvantage for folks with poor reading eyesight.) It has wi-fi for downloading books, but I figure when I download, it'll be when it's connected to my PC. The previous owner said activating the wi-fi tended to run down the battery. Battery life is great, otherwise. I usually only charge it every couple of days. A long day of reading only drained the battery about 25% for me. The electronic ink doesn't use any power to display text, only to change it. (In fact, when it sleeps, the Kindle displays a neat cover image, like a line drawing of a famous literary figure.)  

    Today's featured Modern Warfare 2 vid is a Junkyard129 FFA on Sub Base. The second vid is an MW2 Domination game on Vacant with side-by-side commentary by zzirGrizz and hitmehn. Moving on...

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