12 October 2010

Morning Vent, 12 October 2010

 My dreamgirl GungirlTM - she
strips... field strips, that is.

    Forgive the relatively sparse blog today, as time is pressing on me. On the agenda for today is an appointment at the Heart Center for Pop. I'll be driving him up. Not sure what else I'll be able to do during the day, tho I hope to get in some chat time on Facebook later on tonight. Chatted for a couple of hours last night, and it was a lotta fun. Funny, but my elbow hurts like I was typing for too long. Didn't think just chatting would ever do that. 'Course, it might just be the incessant trolling for a mate on the 'match-making' sites. That's going about as well as can be expected. The only 'winks' I get are from gay men, scammers, and the occasional mistaken click. I say 'mistaken' because when I follow up, they all run for cover... Regardless, I have a plan. Damn the torpedoes. Full steam ahead. ;-)
    So, Medal of Honor comes out today. Matt64, who hung with me for a while last night while the Jets were getting pelted with hail, is buying the game. There might be co-op later on, according to the YouTube interview in the gaming links below, so we still might get a chance to play it.
    Moving on...

'Lookin' for Love - Johnny Lee

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