13 October 2010

Morning Vent, 13 October 2010

 This GungirlTM knows how to dress for
success - with me, anyway!

    Spent another pleasant couple of hours Facebook chatting on Tuesday night. I'm still impressed at how well that works compared to the crappy one on Cupid. Still getting a lot of spammy messages from fake gals on all the dating sites I've joined. Got a few winks from gals, but they all run away screaming when I respond.
    During the chat with my friend, I mentioned that I felt like I had the Grim Reaper standing over me, watching me. No doubt, he's pretty frackin' disappointed that I've mended my ways and straightened out. Sorry, pal, but checkmate! (And, if you're a Bergman fan or a Max von Sydow fan, you know what I mean!)

    Starting a three-night rotation this week. A bit worrying, since I might have to work late on Saturday morning. Mom has committed me to a Saturday evening dinner with two of her friends, really nice folks who visited her many times at the hospital and in rehab. I had planned to game with Matt64, but had to cancel unfortunately.

    I found myself playing Half-life 2 single player at odd moments the past couple of days. I had played it way back when, but never finished the campaign. I have an abiding love for Half-life, since I think it's the finest single-player FPS game ever made. (I never finished that campaign, either, but that's another story for another day.) I've come to a few conclusions: The graphics on Half-life 2 are still goddamn amazing to me. The game runs smoothly on my old gaming PC and looks better than anything I've seen on my Xbox 360. And if Valve ever came up with a shooter that had aim-down-the sights, I'd kick Call of Duty to the curb and never look back. ;-)
    Moving on...

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