14 October 2010

Morning Vent, 14 October 2010

Dressed-for-Success GungirlTM
reacts pretty much like the gals
on the online dating sites have...

    Thursday is the second night of the rotation; trying to keep things together. I was looking at the November calender... Holy cow, do I have a bunch of stuff scheduled! I've got a trip to the Bronx, a lunch with Roseanne and Carol Ann, Reibo's birthday, Matt's birthday, and Thanksgiving... Doesn't sound like all that much, but when 4-5 days a week are sucked up by a job 100 miles away, it tends to limit your free time.

    I haven't heard back about my Sunday meet-up yet, and I confess I'm starting to be a bit nervous...
    No Call of Duty news links today, except for a bunch of 'Me, too!' links on the single player trailer. Medal of Honor seems to be taking a critical drubbing; I'm reserving judgment until I actually play it. Since I thought I'd be the only one in my crew playing it, I didn't bother with expedited shipping, so it'll be reaching me prolly next week... Not in any particular hurry, since I have other matters occupying my limited free time. As I blogged yesterday, I'm indulging my Half-life infatuation by trying to plow through the HL2 campaign. Last couple of times, I got stuck around the Ravenholm section... It was too nerve-wracking for my sensitive nature. LOL. Seriously, those black headcrabs and the fast zombies are a brilliant idea, something Valve cooked up specifically to unnerve the player. And that shit works.
    Immersion is really important. I my early PC gaming days, playing Quake and Quake 2, I recall ducking out of the way of the computer monitor, as if that would help. ;-) For Half-life, it always seems to work for me. As I blogged yesterday, the only thing that throws me now is the lack of an aim-down-the-sights mechanic. I find myself using it all the time, after so many games of Call of Duty, and I sometimes gelatinize myself by firing the grenade launcher that's the alt-fire on a lot of HL2 weapons.
    Moving on...

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