20 October 2010

Morning Vent, 20 October 2010

 Boobiferous GungirlTM teases - the trigger, I mean - yeah, the trigger.

    A four night work cycle starts up Wednesday night, so forgive me if the blogs get a bit skimpy. I have to decide this week, no later than mid-week about the high school reunion, coming up for the end of November.
    I got my Jeep back, $838 later. I still have another repair ordeal to go, but that'll be in November when I have a week's vacation scheduled for Thanksgiving.

    I finished my Medal of Honor single player review; there were far fewer complaints on my part than on a lot of other shooters I've played, including every Call of Duty, ever. The game was really short, tho, and it left me seriously craving more. The action was so well done, the resolution of the ground missions so satisfying, that it sucked to have to stop. In the PC world, that itch for more used to be scratched by folks making custom maps. On many of the PC shooters I used to play, even the original Call of Duty, there were user-made single player missions to download and install. Nothing comparable on consoles, sad to say. Ah, well, there's always multiplayer... Moving on...

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