21 October 2010

Morning Vent, 21 October 2010

 Bikini-top GungirlTM demonstrates why a 'Fruit of the Loom' holster is usually a bad idea.

    Thursday, the week is moving on. Some personal notes: Mom is doing well. She's doing outpatient physical therapy two days a week, and she's making steady progress. I'm doing well. Still on course, still on track. This week, I was thrilled to try on one of Reibo's jeans - and they fit. Reibo is - was - considerably slimmer than I, so this was a landmark moment for me. Moving forward and never looking back again. On the dating front, I'm probably dumping all the online dating sites pretty soon. I'm certainly not extending any memberships. They require too much online time and return far too little in terms of results. I'm giving each site till the end of my current enrollment, and that's it. 
    One additional factoid: I've stopped using the pressure stockings. I tried out spending some normal days at home without them, and I felt fine, with minimal swelling on my afflicted leg. I then tried a week at work without the stockings, and the swelling was again minimal, undetectable except by me. I'm still packing a couple pairs of the stockings with me when I come up to Albany, but I don't think I'll have to use them. I've reached the point where the toe-crushing pain of the stockings far outweighs the very slight discomfort of the swelling from the cellulitis damage.
    Next week, Monday, I'm going in for some blood work in preparation for another close encounter with Dr. Anti-House the following week. I'm hoping the results will show enough improvement that I don't have to worry about taking the pills any more. (As I've noted here, I've already stopped taking them, and my blood sugar appears to be normal, as far as I can tell. I'm hoping that's a trend that will continue as I get in better and better shape.)
    Moving on...

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