25 October 2010

Morning Vent, 25 October 2010

 GungirlTM Kim Cattrall makes a
fashion statement with a leather

   Monday is my blood work in the very early AM, and Tuesday, I have to start getting ready for my journey North on Wednesday. Today, I tried on my new pants... They fit. That means that since July I've gone from a size 60 to a size 44... That, my friends, is nothing to sneeze at. Hooahh!
   I'm kinda thinking about hitting the storage unit this week to try and clear out some of the junk I have in there. I'm gonna play it by ear, but it would be awesome to get rid of one or both of my storage units. If I do, I'll start with the most expensive one and work from there.
   No word on the social front yet. I'm distributing winks a-plenty to just about every gal in my age range on the online dating sites. Very little response. I got a wink Saturday from a fiftyish gal who also sent me an email. Don't know what our compatibility was, but I liked her profile pic. She turned out to be from the UK. She emailed me that she hadn't noticed that I was looking for a gal literally within walking distance of me. We exchanged compliments - mine were totally sincere since she really revved my engine up, as far as looks were concerned - and moved on to keep searching.
    The 40ish gal who I've exchanged a couple of emails with was sick, and she hasn't been online since. I hope she's OK, since she seems to be a genuinely nice person. I haven't been online that much this week; no time except to check messages real quick and move on.
    There's always hope, but I sometimes feel like the grand prize in a lottery no one wants to buy the ticket for! LOL!

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