28 October 2010

Morning Vent, 28 October 2010

 What's better than a GungirlTM? Two GungirlsTM!

   The blog didn't autopost yesterday/last night, so I've transferred the contents to today's blog post. 
    Started the 3 night rotation. I'm considering taking Friday off to take care of some family obligations that day. Not sure  whether I'll get approval on such short notice.
    In the meantime, two small catastrophes: My XIM360, which is no longer manufactured, apparently is dead. I'm going to work on it this Saturday to find out for sure, but confidence is not high. If I get stymied there, I'll see about getting it repaired. I seem to recall some talk about a 'lifetime warranty' but I sure couldn't find any reference to that on the web page when I was looking for help on it. 
    This means two things: My already curtailed Xbox time is reduced to zero. (And, the worst of all, I had just started replaying Medal of Honor on 'Hard' and was anticipating Call of Duty: Black Ops for next Tuesday. And my Xbox Live sub just auto-renewed, too...) It also means I'll have to satisfy my gaming fix with some PC Half-life 2 and maybe Unreal Tournament 24K, or even Call of Duty 4. We'll see...
    Once I got to Albany, I had another small misfortune, My electric shaver kamikazied and had its head knocked off. So, I'm left with no way to shave today before work. So, tonight, I'm stuck wearing the dreaded 'beard cover' that I loathe oh so very much. I'm leaving the apartment early to get a new shaver, but I'll have to charge it and there's no time to do it before work. (I might have done that this AM, but after driving 100 miles and already getting into my jammies, I just couldn't work up the mojo...)
   Moving on...

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