29 October 2010

Morning Vent, 29 October 2010

 Panicky GungirlTM gets ready to shoot someone ten feet tall!

    Appy-polly-lodges for the thin blog today, but I wasn't able to access the blogsite during my first work break. I quickly updated the links on my second break, now at 0300 hours, and published.
    On the social front, I got another email from the nice gal who winked at me (online) two weeks ago. It looks like we might actually be able to meet in person eventually, our mutual schedules permitting. I'll be heading home in just over 3 hours. I have some family stuff for this early after-lunch, but I'm hoping to be free to do some online stuff later around sixish, if I don't get a nod from Matt on doing something tonight.
    I ordered Call of Duty: Black Ops PC today, using the pre-order credit I got from Medal of Honor. When I get the pre-order credit for Call of Duty: Black Ops, I'll probably get the PC version of Medal of Honor. I don't know when/if my XIM360 issues will be resolved, so I want to have some options for gaming. I already own CoD4 for the PC, since that's what re-energized my love affair with all things Call of Duty, so it will be nice to have Black Ops PC and, hopefully, compare it to the 360 version. Moving on...

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