30 October 2010

Morning Vent, 30 October 2010

 Nanotech GungirlTM Violet pretties up Ultraviolet.
    Had an amazing time at Gentleman Jim's last night with best buddy Matt and his lovely missus, Patty! I had totally forgotten that it was Halloween event (tho with the puss I've got, you could say it's Halloween wherever I go!), so there were plenty of interesting costumes to look at. We had a really nice gal pal of Matt and Patty's come as a firefly, complete with light-up buttcheeks. (I would have examined the costume much, much more thoroughly, but the lady was there with a gentleman, and I'm not one to intrude. ;-D) The night was tremendous fun with the one sore point being continually butt-rubbed by every patron heading for the restrooms. This was totally OK for the females who went by, believe me, but it got old getting a full-body massage every time one of the guys needed to take a leak. I'll have some pictures up on Facebook and here once I get back from the computer show...
    Running off to the computer show with brothers Reibo and Rick. Lotta supplies to pick up there!
    Not that it's all that interesting, but here's where I work:

The College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering

    Moving on...


Bradley said...

Wow that place is massive. What do you do there?

Joker961 said...

I do some of the grunt manufacturing work there... New buildings going up there all the time, too.

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