05 October 2010

Morning Vent, 5 October 2010

 GungirlTM should know nothing says 'Beginner' like shooting out one of the firing range lights...

    Spent some time online just chatting yesterday, for the first time since my BBS days. It was actually kinda nice. I'd still prefer to meet someone compatible thru friends, since they're less likely to introduce me to someone who is insane... Today, I've got some clean-up work to do, plus I have to begin the packing up that precedes my long trek up North.
    Thanks to the 'Value Village' sampler of cigars from Holt's, I've been enjoying the occasional premium cigar. Couple of weeks ago, on the drive home from Albany, I enjoyed a Rocky Patel 'Decade'. It was a really nice smoke. I've smoked the Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 and Vintage 1993 cigars before, and I loved them. The Value Village sampler can be found at the bottom of the Holt's Sampler Page and includes 8 cigars for $15.95. I've also gotten the occasional Alex Bradley and Montecristo in the sampler, tho it's not all super primo premiums in the pack. It's a great way to try premiums you wouldn't ordinarily sample at a bargain price.

     Moving on...

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