08 October 2010

Morning Vent, 8 October 2010 (Robo-post Edition)

This winsome GungirlTM would be in big trouble with recoil if that were a real, live scattergun instead of only a BB gun.

    Please excuse the sparse blog update. Management decided that I should go home early Wednesday night so I could rest up for a 3 hrs long meeting held early afternoon Thursday. I was just going to blow off the blog and bank the hours for an early trip home at the end of another work week, but there you are: The best laid plans gang aft agley. Half a blog is better than none I guess.
    In other news, I had some very, very interesting matches on the online match-making sites. Over on Cupid.com, who should pop out as a possible match but one of the gals I've been 'matched' with over on eHarmony.com.
    So, the online match-making thing: What's it like? Some of it is nice. You get to chat with some really nice folks, and that's a real pleasure. OTOH, you also get an endless stream of spam messages from bogus people. Some of it spills over to the social media, since I got at least two friend requests on Facebook identifying themselves as 'Such-and-such from Cupid.com'. Since I never heard of these two individuals (and they apparently had used pics of Silicone-enhanced pole dancers or strippers as their Facebook pics) and never chatted with them online, I DXed the friend requests.
    On Tuesday night, while chatting with a friend on Cupid.com, there was a hilarious series of winks and site email messages from 4 individuals from 'Cockeysville, Maryland'. I thought for sure it was a bogus place, as did my ROFLing chat partner, but it turned out to be a real and true place. The users were certainly not real and true, tho, their profiles were incomplete, and one seeking me out because of "how much they liked my profile" was identified as a male. Definitely barking up the wrong tree there, pal, sorry. I also got browsed and winked by a middle-aged balding dude from Anand, India. As much as I believe in the solidarity of middle-aged balding dudes, he had to be turned away disappointed as well.


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