09 October 2010

Morning Vent, 9 October 2010

 Dewy-eyed GungirlTM takes aim before squeezing off...

    As I blogged yesterday, I got winked by an anonymous dude on Cupid.com. Last night I got browsed by an elderly gent alleged to be from Europe. The hits just keep on coming! Just not from any women... ;-) 
   So, I forgot to mention another 5 pounds fell off last week. At this rate, I'm buying a new wardrobe about once a month. Since I'm a jeans and T-shirt guy, it's not all that big of a deal. I'll be making a pretty big tax deduction this year on clothes donated to charity. Also somewhat related: I spent a couple of normal 'at home' days without using the pressure stocking. Interestingly, my leg (where the cellulitis infection was from the cut back at the end of May) hardly swelled at all. I kinda could feel it, a slight tightness in the calf. But, prior to this, spending even a light duty, at home day caused noticeable swelling. I'm greatly encouraged by this, since it might mean I'll soon be able to dispense with wearing the hated pressure stocking altogether.
    Speaking of wardrobe, I've been giving the old HS reunion some thought. I'm going to go, even if I have to go stag. I'll wait till the week before and then get a nice dress shirt, some dress slacks, and maybe a new pair of shoes. (Hey, there's a song in there somewhere! 'New shoes and a case...' Classic Squeeze!)

    Moving along...

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