01 November 2010

Morning Vent, 1 November 2010

 From Russia with Love... GungirlTM is obviously a bit chilly wielding her bipod-equipped SKS...

    Reibo and I spent Halloween quietly at home. No trick-or-treaters last night, as the neighbors with kids took them to the mall, rather than walk them through the neighborhood. We watched the Predator spin-off Predators, with Adrian Brody. Some clever plot twists to be sure, but it just wasn't my cup of tea. And I still don't buy Adrian Brody as a badass commando... Much better fare followed as we watched the South Park Spooktacular collection and then finished the evening with a trio of classic Wallace and Gromit clay-mation shorts.
    I spent a few hours chatting on Facebook with friends, Jessie who used to work with me at Philips/NXP, old buddy Matt, and my new friend Effie. I had a very nice time chatting, and I generally dislike the whole chat thing... I'll be going online for a return visit tonight.
    Still in a holding pattern on the dating front, tho I did make a new email contact. Someone I'd emailed on the sites weeks and weeks ago finally responded to my email, and I replied. I'm still waiting to have a face-to-face with anyone, tho.
    Today is the First of November; today is the festival of All Saints, too. Today, I have my return visit with Dr. Anti-House to review my blood test results from last week. (Did a reality check this AM; blood sugar was 75, without pills. And this despite a serving of Reibo's totally awesome Hamburger Helper last night. Tho, of course, he did use the whole grain pasta version... :-D) We'll see how things have developed since the last one about 6 months ago. Certainly, I feel better and have lost a ton of weight. Moving on...

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