14 November 2010

Morning Vent, 14 November 2010

 Is that a Mickey Mouse watch on that GungirlTM?

    Had a great drive home for a change on Saturday morning; I didn't feel tired at all. The morning was so glorious, with the sky luminous and clear as crystal. The trees are mostly stripped of the autumn leaves, but it didn't matter. The golden warmth of the sun on my face was like the kiss of an angel. (I have a Saint Christopher, a gift from a beloved friend, watching over me as I drive, keeping me safe and out of trouble.) Of course, the flip side of that not-tired feeling was not being able to go to sleep right away. I tossed and turned for quite a while, but managed to get about 4 hours before Matt came down for some online fragging.
    Largely a good time was had by all. A bit disappointed with the outrageous psychic abilities and godlike accuracy of the Black Ops AI bots. They will sense your presence and turn 180 degrees to shoot your ass, and they don't miss much. Still a lot of fun, but I can already feel it wearing thin for me. I should have recorded some of the matches but  I'm still astonished that my moribund XIM360 is still hanging in. Still hoping it lasts till the XIM3 is released. If they still have video games by then, LOL. 
    I still haven't started the single player campaign on the Xbox 360, but I might give that a shot today if my socializing plans fall through. 
    Slim pickins on news links today. Black Ops seems to have pushed a lot of gaming news into the background. Moving on...

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