16 November 2010

Morning Vent, 16 November 2010

 Camo GungirlTM vogues it...

    After my disappointment on Sunday, I was left in a bit of a funk. I consoled myself a bit by going out and getting some new clothes. I needed something to wear to the infamous high school reunion in two weeks, anyway. It's close enough to the date that I probably won't shrink unreasonably out of my duds by then. I got an outrageously overpriced tweed sport coat, a couple of dress shirts, and some dressy casual slacks.
    Speaking of duds, a couple of weeks ago, I saw an impossibly inexpensive leather jacket on Amazon. Thinking, what could go wrong, I ordered it. Well, here's my Amazon review of this 'bargain':

The only way this jacket will
ever look cool...

The picture doesn't do this leather jacket justice... No, really. I'm serious. Why? Because in the low rez pic that accompanies the product link, you can't tell that this jacket, tho well cut and nicely designed, is made from small pieces of leather stitched together. From anywhere less than 50 feet away (or in a possibly purposely low resolution picture), you can tell that it's constructed from dozens of 4-5 inch patches of leather. It's like a leather quilt with sleeves... It's made from the scrap leather from the cutting rooms where real jackets are born. It's Frankenjacket. Bottom line, if you're never going to be seen from closer than 50 feet or don't mind wearing a jacket made from palm-sized pieces of leather, then this one is for you. 

    Personally, I'm saving it to wear for the next Halloween at Gentleman Jim's with Matt and Patty. I'll do a 'Road Warrior' motif or something. Moving on...

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