18 November 2010

Morning Vent, 18 November 2010

 Camo GungirlTM has a poor
isoceles form... But who cares!?!

    It turned out to be a lovely morning on Wednesday. About 10 miles of Albany, I was gifted with an amazing sight: A rainbow with its bands of colors diffused through the clouds. It would have been special any time, but I was feeling kind of low anyway, and that natural wonder seemed there just for me, at that moment in time.
    In the wee hours on Wednesday, I went online to play some Black Ops. In general, I did just horribly. After some team death match, I tried some Free-for-All, and I finally unlocked a weapon combo that seemed somewhat effective: the FAMAS with the suppressor. The rate of fire and lethality of it seem good counters to all the young, fast Timmies with much better broadband than I have. Still, there were some infuriating moments, as always, as one or another pre-adult douche always seemed to appear behind me to give me a bullet-rash in the ass. It's quite a transition going from hardcore to core FFA, tho. A lot of times, the bullet spread of hipfire seems unbelievably inaccurate; given the higher health level in the core games, that puts a premium on aimed fire. The problem is, before I can get my gun up, the little douchebags almost invariably manage to put multiple aimed bursts on me, seemingly without slowing down or stopping. How do they do that, I wonder? Moving on...

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