21 November 2010

Morning Vent, 21 November 2010

Another work week is drawing to a close, and I'm tired as Hell. Thanksgiving week and the high school reunion are upon me at last. I'm still dateless, so far. I'm in a continual holding pattern, waiting for something to shake loose.

I probably won't get a chance to finish the blog news links till I get home (and get some sleep). In the meantime, I'm doing the email thang from work to put up this Vent. The meager contents of the work-in-progress blog will be transplanted to tomorrow's update, I guess. I slept long Saturday, almost 7 hours, which is quite unusual. Unfortunately, I slept fitfully and didn't wake up rested at all. Au contraire, I awoke feeling like I'd never slept at all. And, facing a long night at work and an even longer-feeling drive South after, that truly sucks.

Probably, most of the restlessness I've been feeling is due to my frustration with the whole online match-making thing. Still, there's potential. And always hope. This week, I have a get-acquainted coffee Monday with an online friend; Wednesday, I have a meet to have a drink with a real-life friend. I'm hoping something will develop, some spark will ignite, something... But you never know what will happen. I'm trying to keep my spirits up and my mind open.

I feel like I want to do some Black Ops free-for-all, too. I'm eager to try out the FAMAS with the suppressor and the extended mag. I'm not getting much mileage from the red dot sight as it is. There's too much recoil for it to be effective for me, and I don't have the reflexes or patience to rapidly burst fire like I should. So, I'll try large quantities of ammo unloaded at short range and see how that works out. Spray and pray, I guess...

There was a patch done, and I saw that one or two commentators had produced videos talking about the changes, but I haven't had a chance to review the videos. It'll be interesting to see whether I feel any difference in the feel of the game. I doubt it, since getting my ass kicked is likely to feel only one way: Bad.

The single player campaign awaits, also. As I noted last week, I had progressed as far as the helicopter level, where I immediately became stuck. It seems like a month ago, tho it was only a few days... I see that one video has already gone up illustrating that you can play thru the Cuba level without firing a shot. Without any spoilers, I can think of one point in that level where you absolutely have to fire a shot... I'll have to watch the vid and see how they got through the level pacifist-style. Moving on...

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