26 November 2010

Morning Vent, 26 November 2010

 Today's GungirlTM might not be able to wear a shoulder holster...

    Today is a very special day: My brother Reibo's birthday. We already celebrated earlier this week with our lifetime pal, Matt, but I wanted to mark the exact day. No one ever had a more loving, caring brother than God has blessed me with. Every day, I thank God for giving me Reibo. 
    Spent a couple of hours chatting with Effie last night, having a wonderful time despite feeling unusually sleepy. It was sad to have to quit, but I was heartened by our upcoming date on Saturday, where we'll wow 'em at the Grand Hotel at my 30th high school reunion. I literally cannot wait, and it's been a long time since I could say that more than casually.

    Spent a little time in the afternoon on Black Ops bots before having to break up for family time. There were some really hilarious moments. Particularly amusing was the phenomenal Crunch! sound that accompanied Reibo's supply crate crushing an enemy. We were laughing through the rest of the match... Moving on...

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