04 November 2010

Morning Vent, 4 November 2010

 Stealthy GungirlTM knows B&D fashion, but not trigger discipline...

    Started the long (4 night week) Wednesday. Had a lovely drive up to Albany in the wee hours. I drove and watched the sunrise through the clouds; amazing splashes of reds and purples as the day broke. Saw something that made me wish I'd had a camera: A pond, its surface like glass, had tendrils of mist rising from its surface. It had an eerie beauty that was absolutely heart-breaking.
    Watched the GameSpot-hosted Call of Duty: Black Ops gameplay vid (embedded below). Some interesting items, especially the 'economy-based' perk system. Don't know whether I'll like it. Looks like Modern Warfare 2, mostly. Mostly. I'll be sampling the game on PC first, since I'm stymied on fixing the XIM360 gizmo. We'll see what happens. Moving on...

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