06 November 2010

Morning Vent, 6 November 2010 (Breakdown Edition)

 GungirlTM Michelle Rodriguez on Lost...

    So, taking a one-day break from the blog due to some work and personal life issues. (It's hilarious that a year ago I had no personal life to speak of, and, even now, it ain't nothing to brag about! Working on it, tho!) But to keep my best buddy Matt well stocked with Gungirls, I've posted this Vent.
    Tonight, Saturday, I'm plowing through a shift which includes the time change. That translates into a 13.5 hour shift. The one hour of overtime, however, does not compensate for lost sleep. And, there's the 100 mile drive home to face on Sunday morning. I foresee a rest stop nap in my future.

   Moving on...

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