07 November 2010

Morning Vent, 7 November 2010

GungirlTM Milla Jovovich takes aim...

    Heard from a female friend I've been emailing for a while. I'm definitely smitten. I realized this, like a lightning bolt hitting me, after about two hours of email answering. Only a crazy man would do that after working all night and a morning shopping extravaganza. So, what the heck! Call me crazy!
    Saturday night I work while the whole 'Fall Back' time change occurred. That translates into a 13.5 hour shift - particularly stressful when it's followed by a 100 mile drive home. So, wish me luck.
    Busy day scheduled for Sunday. I have a road trip to Middletown with brothers Rick and Reibo; we'll be hitting the gun show at the fairgrounds.
   Complicating matters still further is a planned Tuesday visit from my favorite Godson, Ryan, and his lovely Mom, Deb, in the evening and a visit from best buddy Matt in the hopes of some gaming.
   On Tuesday, of course, Call of Duty: Black Ops will premiere. I've got copies scheduled for 'game day' delivery from Amazon. It remains to be seen whether they'll actually materialize. I have three copies coming in for the Xbox 360, and I have a PC version as a backup for myself in case all hope is lost on my XIM360 gizmo. At least, I'll be able to play through the single player campaign and report back on that here later on.
   Speaking of single player, I did buy Medal of Honor for the PC, but I haven't had a chance to install it. Guess I can mix and match with Black Ops this week on my creaky old PC. LOL! Moving on...

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