09 November 2010

Morning Vent, 9 November 2010

 Leggy GungirlTM prepares to sweep out the AO with her trusty pump scattergun...

    Spent some time on Facebook chat with pal Effie last night. Before I realized it, almost 4 hours had gone by... I hope she didn't wake up all tired this AM before work. Effie, had a blast sharing YouTube music with you!
    I'm wondering where the heck I'm going. I'm being pulled in one direction, can't avoid it because of the way I feel, but it's impossible to tell what the destination will be. If nothing else, I thank God for making a really good friend out of all this.
    My 'get-acquainted' coffee meet for today was canceled due to scheduling problems and postponed till next week, possibly. I've got a possible get-together with my real-life contact possibly, maybe this weekend. Possibly, possibly, possibly... Possibly, this whole online match-making thing was a bad idea, after all.

    Hours before Call of Duty: Black Ops came out on the US East Coast, there was already a YouTube video of a hacked lobby to migrate to the 15th level prestige. (Well, now we know how many prestiges are in the game...) It just defies belief how fast this crap happens, people. 
    As it happens, my copies of Call of Duty: Black Ops are on the UPS truck, out for delivery. Moving on...

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