10 December 2010

Morning Vent, 10 December 2010

Today's GungirlTM is cute, nerdy, and well armed with her MP5K submachine gun...

One night closer to coming home to my Pretty Gal!! And if you think I'm obsessing, and that you're sick of hearing about it, lol, that's too bad!! Can't help it!! It's such a wonderful feeling, folks, to have someone you truly love to come home to! That, friends, is never getting old!

On the work side of life, my time off was approved, so the decks are cleared for Xmas and New Year's. I'll have to do 2 days penance in between, but it'll be on day shift, so the impact should be minimal. Got a lot to be thankful for this Holiday season, folks. Have my health better than ever before, I have a job that looks secure, if not exactly lucrative, and, best of all, I'm in love with a wonderful gal who loves me right back. If that isn't The Life of Riley, then I don't know what is!! Moving on...

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