13 December 2010

Morning Vent, 13 December 2010

 GungirlTM sports a cute hat and a highly tricked out M4...

    Spent the weekend with my gal, and we had a wonderful time! Since my work keeps me away half the time, and I work nights, every minute we can be together is like gold. I love simply spending time with her, and just watching her bake cookies was a pleasure. I can't wait to see her again! 

    As it happens, today is the 25th anniversary of my graduation from Infantry OSUT (One Station Unit Training). On a cold, rainy Friday, December 13th, 1985, I graduated from Infantry training at Fort Benning, GA, proud to have received my Infantry Blue Cord. It was a halcyon day for me, since I was the unlikeliest infantryman ever, lol. I was proud of having made it through, especially when I saw other guys, who had seemed quite tough at the start, crumble under the pressure. Moving on...

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