16 December 2010

Morning Vent, 16 December 2010

 Today's GungirlTM is all retro with the 'cup and saucer' hold!

    Finished the first night of a four night rotation. Tough being so far away from my Sweet Gal, but it helps to know she's home waiting for me. Funny, but it seems she's always near. I'll turn a corner and expect her to be standing there; open a door, and I expect to see her smiling face. Can't wait to rocket back home to you, Effie!! 

   On the blog side, no gaming news today. Events at work kept me from completing the news links for today. I hope to get caught up today when I wake up. The grapevine tells me I'm alone at work again tonight, so can't make any promises about tomorrow's news, either. Moving on...

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