22 December 2010

Morning Vent, 22 December 2010

 Matrixy GungirlTM looks spiffy in
leather and shiny vinyl...

    Pardon the brevity of the blog this AM, as I'm pressed for time getting ready to meet my Pretty Gal for a whole day together and evening out. The  The Xmas shopping is all done, and just a bit of gift wrapping is left to do. (And I think Reibo will volunteer to do it, lol.) 

   We played CoD: Black Ops bots for quite a while last night, doing Free-for-all. Naturally, Reibo dominated, tho I managed to eke out second place a few times. Tho taking the lead once or twice, I never managed to hang on during the marathon FFA games Reibo set up (10,000 points and up). For the last game of the night, Matt managed to rack up an impressive victory, raining death down with napalm strike after napalm strike. It was a very good night of gaming, tho I scorched the skies with my ex-GI gamer profanity, lol. Moving on...

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