03 December 2010

Morning Vent, 3 December 2010

Today's GungirlTM is a Lara Croft knock-off
in a teasy tank top...

    Just about halfway done with the work week now, and I'm that much closer to going home to my Effie. Never been happier in my life, and I hope to make her even happier!

    I live half my life online - just like this. It's maybe a bad thing, I don't know. Is it real? Perhaps no more than the thoughts in my head are real. Did people scoff at writing letters, saying that only conversation was true communication? This is the world we're in. We are often separated by time and space from those we love dearest. Why not take advantage of technology to express what we can't be there personally to say? It's here in the blog a lot of times, a stream of consciousness record of my doubts, fears, trials and occasional triumphs. If you want to know what's on my mind, and I can't be there to tell you, you can find it here, in my emails, in my text messages. What's wrong with that? And, truly, without this, I might never have met my Effie. That, absolutely, makes all the difference to me.

    [Update] I forgot to mention that I'm going thru the process of deleting my accounts on the online match-making sites. Cupid is dead, shot through the heart early this AM. Working on the others. Needless to say, they make the process as convoluted as possible in the hopes of maintaining their revenue stream. It saddens me that I won't get any more come-ons from scammers from 'Cockeysville, MD', something which was the source of endless hilarity for Effie and me. But, truly, I've got my lady, and I don't have a need for match-making of any kind, much less the half-assed kind served up from semi-fictional towns in Maryland. In all fairness, tho, I met my beloved on Cupid, as my life-long friend did with his True Love, Patty. I don't know whether that expresses something positive about Cupid or just the beauty of two people fated to be together. I think I prefer the latter. Moving on...

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