06 December 2010

Morning Vent, 6 December 2010

Special Forces GungirlTM has
a lot of cheek, lol.

    Had a wonderful time with my Effie last night. Lord, feeling like teenagers again could grow on us, lol!! (When thinking about us, the words 'Wonderful' and 'Awesome' come so easily. It's truly wonderful!) My Pretty Gal is working today, but I'll see her after she gets home. Lord, can't wait. 

Yeah, it's a GunguyTM thing...

    Wayne, heard from my gal that she was a hunter and shooter back in the day. We used to joke around, you and I, about my dream gal being a GungalTM who dabbed Hoppe's Number 9 behind each ear. How 'bout that, pal, I found her!!! How cool is that?!?! Moving on...

Music Monday - Wonderful Tonight

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! So, does she have a sister who also likes Hoppe's? (Just kidding)... :-) -Wayne

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