09 December 2010

Morning Vent, 9 December 2010

 Pirates beware!! GungirlTM Eva Mendes has picked an excellent boat defense scattergun...

As this is posted, the first night of my rotation is 2/3 over. I'm away from my gal, but our reunion is fast approaching. I'm pretty stoked about coming home to my Pretty Gal, let me tell you!! Only two more nights after this, and we'll be together again!!
I've been having dinner over at her place a couple of nights a week. And, as much fun as chatting with my Pretty Gal is online, it's way more wonderful in person!
Just put in for my time off for the Xmas season. Couldn't before as my vacation time just hadn't clocked in yet. So, if I get approved, I'll burn off all I have and then some, lol. But the new year will bring 40 hrs of personal time right off the bat, so that should take the edge off somewhat. I might even squeeze in a bit of gaming during that time frame, if I get management approval to take the time off!
I did indulge myself in one vice today: I ordered some inexpensive (not cheap) cigars. I ordered a bundle of the Holt's 'Buckshot' robustos and a bundle of the King Kong Special 5 x 54s. I've been smoking the latter for a while, and they're very good at that price. So, hand rolled cigars for around $45, give or take. Not bad, considering a box of 50 not-so-premium machine made cigars goes for $60+ here in The Vampire State. Moving on...

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