12 January 2011

Morning Vent, 12 January 2011 (Snow Day!)

 Even fairy-tale GungalsTM can take care of
business with the help of an M4 carbine!

    Manged to see my beloved Effie ahead of the blizzard, and it was wonderful to share even a couple of hours together! The first flakes were falling as I headed back to Pop's, and the snow was coming down pretty good by the time I got to the Bridge. Snowed in today, with a head cold, and still one car in the shop! Had an awesome time with my darling Effie the past weekend; we both got sick together, lol. Doubt we'll be able to get Papa Joker's car back today, unless the mechanics get to the shop via dogsled. 
    Nothing on the agenda today beside snow clean up, taking a lot of Dayquil, and resting up in the hopes of leaving for work tomorrow. Moving on...

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