13 January 2011

Morning Vent, 13 January 2010

 There's a new sheriff in town! And this
GungalTM has some big guns!

    Away from my Sweet Effie for two, maybe three nights, depending on the breaks at the new apartment. We're together, and that makes anything bearable! I can't wait to be with her again!! 

    I should game more when I'm sick: I got in an hour of late-night gaming FFA against Matt, my bro, and a lot of irritating bots. I played so far above my head I got a nosebleed. Reibo managed to win one game, but I scored all the rest through the use of the AK-47u (mostly) with suppressor, Scavenger, Sleight of Hand, and Marathon. Kill streaks were Napalm Strike, Attack Chopper, and Attack Dogs. Spawning was just as awful as ever, except the respawn gods were on my side this time. My bro got hosed four times in a row when the game spawned him near me.

   FWIW, I've been FFAing against the bots on Regular and sometimes Hardened and winning pretty frequently and always placing in the top three. Whether it made the difference or not, I don't know, but the bots were noticeably less skilled overall in yesterday's brief matches. (Tho they still have the super annoying bot ESP that has them aiming at you when they can't see you and targeting you with SMGs all the way across the map.)

   Feeling a bit better today, cold-wise. My head is somewhat cleared up, and the hoarseness is gone. I've got to muddle thru two work nights, plus the fun and festivities of an apartment move. Moving on...

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