02 January 2011

Morning Vent, 2 January 2010

 GungalTM Princess Amidala
shows off some midriff...

    Had a wonderful New Year's Day with my beloved Effie yesterday! I've never had such a good time, with love and warmth all around us. It was fun watching my gal go online to RPG. It was an awesome thing listening to her describe getting together to play, how important teamwork is. We really are made for each other, lol!
   Tho I arrived late, it was great seeing my Godson yesterday! I can't believe that this handsome young man is the baby I held so many years ago! Thanks, Ryan, for the spiffy Punisher hoodie. I'll fit right in with all the young guys at work with their trendy clothes, lol! Great seeing you, Deb! Hope we can all get together soon!

    Just a quick mention on today's featured vid: It's awesome. The editing is amazing, making the game footage look like an action movie trailer. I usually like straight gameplay vids, but this one is just too cool to miss. Check it out. Moving on...

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