24 January 2011

Morning Vent, 24 January 2011

 I wouldn't think of crossing a GungalTM! (And my Pretty Gal is a life-long Gungal, too!)

    Today is an anniversary of sorts, as my Pretty Gal and I mark two months together! It was a get-together as friends that, with the aid of Love's Lightning, turned into the Love of Our Lives! Effie, my Honey, I love you!!

 And, yes, Love has made us act like two kids... Awesome!!!

    Not much gaming going on. I might be able to play a few bot matches today while I'm waiting for the Jeep in the shop. It's a scheduled service, but, since my Jeep is pretty old in dog years, it's a dreadful thing to visit Mr. Badwrench, even for a humble oil change, lol. Moving on...

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