25 January 2011

Morning Vent, 25 January 2011

 Bridal GungalTM has an akimbo pre-nup!

    Had a wonderful day with my Pretty Gal, Effie, yesterday! With energetic kids home, a dog and two cats under foot, we certainly weren't short of entertainment! We made the most of the day, staying close and kissing and hugging modestly, when we could, lol. Hope to see my gal tonight for an encore, if all the stars align.
    Well, the weather outside is frightful. Currently, at the HQ, snow is coming down steadily, and the AccuWeather site says we're going to rack up an additional 4 inches today. I'm standing by for a bit before firing up the snow blower that I got a crash (no pun intended) course in this AM from brother Rick. So far, the white stuff shows no signs of slowing down, which does suck since I'm planning on meeting my Pretty Gal today in the PM. But, ya know, it's all right: We have the rest of our lives, and we'll always be there for each other. That is the absolutely most wonderful feeling in the world!!

Happy Birthday, Jeff!! 

    Birthday greets to work buddy, Jeff Pleasants! Hope your birthday is a happy and peaceful one, bud!! Moving on...

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