04 January 2011

Morning Vent, 4 January 2011

 Bikini top GungalTM reminds us summer
is coming - eventually!

    Had a wonderful day with my Pretty Gal yesterday! We love just spending time together, just being with each other. That's an awesome feeling, when anything you do is just wonderful just because you're with the one you love!! Have to savor every moment together, as tomorrow, work beckons for a three night rotation up North. Hopefully, the week will go quick, and I'll be rocketing back to my Honey in no time!!

    Played some Black Ops bots for a little while yesterday, in between chores at the HQ. I'm beating the bots on FFA on regular difficulty, well, regularly now. I ramped their skill level to Hardened and started getting beat. The bots, being computer controlled AI, have unerring aim. They make seemingly impossible shots with SMGs at long distance. They are also inhumanly alert, sometimes whipping around 180 degrees to target my middle-aged ass just when I think I have the drop on them. 
    I still think the bots have real value for a relatively pain-free way of learning the maps and weapons. It's remarkable to me, tho, that Unreal Tournament 1999 bots and the AI from the original Half-life were so much better than the ones in Call of Duty: Black Ops. After all, that technology is literally decades old, and the AI in those two classic games from the last century (!) was uncanny. Moving on...

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